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PrePaid Legal Training – Your PrePaid Legal Training Starts Here

Posted on July 2, 2019 in Uncategorized

Now that you have started up your very own Prepaid Legal business, the PrePaid Legal training that you receive will determine your success.

The fact is, there probably is some ongoing training that exists but it is not the kind of network marketing education that you will need in order to bring the kind of numbers that you are hoping to add to your business. The good news is that there really is a much better method to do business and it has absolutely nothing to do with handing out fliers or talking to your entire family line, friends and co-workers.

If you want the kind of success that you are likely seeking, the best thing you can do for yourself is to consider something that the majority of direct marketers do not even know exists. I have to say that I used to be one of those very people who did not know that my success hinged on the experts before me. Fortunately, I did not give up and sought the advice of some marketing experts.

Let’s discuss your opportunity before you, now. No doubt about it that having your own business is pretty exciting if you are a true diehard entrepreneur. If you have recently become a member of PrePaid Legal Services, you chose a very good company. The company has a proven and reputable track record and offers great services to its members.

If you joined to become successful, you were probably told to complete several tasks if you wanted to have good financial results. The company may have told you the below points:

  • Create “warm market” list of friends, family, neighbors and co-workers
  • Purchase company items or services offered through the company
  • Purchase a company website
  • Introduce PrePaid Legal to as many people as you can
  • Attend all company meetings whenever possible
  • and bring friends to the above mentioned meetings

I am not saying that none of the above strategies have any worth. In fact, they may work to a certain degree. The problem is that if you follow those techniques, the chance for great success is small. The reason is because those techniques do not work for long. Most people end up quitting within a couple of months.

If you do not think that specialized training is what you need to grow your business, ask yourself what it is that you will do when your list that you created runs dry. If you want to get PrePaid Legal leads, consider getting the PrePaid Legal education combined with a mentor who has had real success.

There truly is an easier and more effective way to become very successful with your business. You want people to contact you and that is the concept that the majority of direct marketers do not know even exists.

Simply apply the network marketing education that is available OUTSIDE of the company and take action with the information learned. The results will net you long term as well as residual success if you put your trust in those who have already attained the success level all new direct marketers are seeking. Just do what successful people have done. If you do what they did, what do you think your outcome will be?

Continuing Legal Education

Posted on June 1, 2019 in Uncategorized

Law practitioners have different lines of specialization in the field of law. However, law practitioners from any discipline can pursue their field of expertise through continuing legal education. Continuing legal education helps these professionals update themselves on the latest developments and reforms in their respective fields. Online study material is also available for these practitioners.

Continuing legal education curriculums include specific law topics, skill development, practice management, case studies and ethics. This kind of education is conducted as lectures, workshops, and discussions in audiotape as well as videotape formats. Attorneys who have recently graduated are expected to fulfill their continuing legal education requirement by taking accredited intermediary continuing legal education. Transitional continuing legal education courses are intended to help fresh graduates launch practices based on practical skills, method and events essential to the field of law.

In New York, new attorneys are expected to undergo courses or studies in conventional live classroom settings or attend fully interactive videoconferences approved by the Continuing Legal Education Board. Usually, attorneys are expected to study significant legal cases that have taken place in recent times. This gives them an exposure to methods and skills used by the attorneys of both sides and also understand the various laws applied. They can use the results of the case to analyze how the arguments affected the approach taken by the jury and the judge.

Experienced attorneys may take accredited intermediary as well as non-transitional continuing legal education courses or programs as per their requirements. Continuing legal education is a suggested study option for attorneys, legal secretaries, paralegals, lawyers, litigation support managers, legal support staff in law firms and company legal departments.

Continuing legal education is an absolute essential for growth oriented legal professionals. Continuing legal education eliminates incorrect practices and helps identify people who are not appropriate for practicing the trade. With the help of continuing education courses, a professional can also learn to handle new assignments.

The Importance of Continuing Legal Education

Posted on May 29, 2019 in Uncategorized

Paralegals are required to maintain a certain number of hours of continuing legal education (“CLE”) in order to comply with state regulations and/or requirements based on advanced paralegal certification through a national organization, such as NALA or NFPA. If a paralegal fails to maintain the required CLE hours, that paralegal is no longer in good standing and cannot be identified as a paralegal or work in that capacity. However, the legal profession is not the only profession that requires continuing education. Across the board, almost every career that requires a higher level of education, training, and experience will call for continuing education that is consistent with the level of knowledge required for that career.

Clearly, for the individual, the main motivating drive to participate in continuing education is to comply with the legal requirements of the profession in order to remain in good standing and maintain your employment. However, there are other very important reasons to participate in continuing education in any field.

Protection of the public is one cornerstone for most professional continuing education programs. Just as an attorney is required to maintain MCLE credit, the supervising attorney of a paralegal is responsible to protect the public by ensuring that the paralegal demonstrates command of the area of practice that the attorney provides to the public. Public protection is not assured simply because an individual completed the education, training, and experience required to become a paralegal, or advanced paralegal. The ever changing legal system, rules, and technology demands that a paralegal continually learn and improve their knowledge and skills throughout their professional career.

Personal growth is another very important aspect of participating in continuing legal education. By failing to keep abreast of the current legal issues and trends, the paralegal falls into the trap of becoming stagnant and repetitive. On the other side of this coin, participation in a wide range of continuing education topics will broaden the paralegal’s understanding of different legal concepts, technology, and methods that otherwise may be missed.

Continuing education is an investment in a paralegal’s future. It is important to never stop striving to achieve the pinnacle of your career. If you are a paralegal, take the next step by earning an advanced paralegal certification. Studies show that:

~ A person with a higher education and career level has a higher earning capacity.
~ A person who has a higher education and advanced certification will be selected for employment over those who do not.
~ A person who is continually learning new things about their chosen career is a more valuable employee to an employer, and more likely to have more job security.
~ A person who is continually learning has a higher level of responsibility and job satisfaction.
~ A person who remains dormant in their learning will in time lose their skills and fall behind in their career.
~ A person who is continually learning remains competitive in the job market.

Therefore, invest in your career by updating your knowledge and skills that will improve your professional competence and value to your employer. It is the key to optimizing your professional growth throughout your professional life.